miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

My head is full of intellectual bullshit.

My head is full of intellectual bullshit. Sometimes I welcome it. Sometimes I try to drive it out. Fluxus helps me do both.

I sometimes see Fluxus as being a continuation of dada, but with less nihilism --- or at least with a much more playful and optimistic view of nihilism. Perhaps something closer to Sartre (Existentialism is a Humanism) than to Nietzsche or Baudrillard. A kind of hedonistic nihilism, but one that leaves room to acknowledge love and suffering

I admit to being a nihilist myself --- nothing matters and nothing can change the fact that nothing matters. But (and this is important!) while we experience our existence in the universe everything matters ...and nihilism does not matter because it is useless as a way of living. For as long as we are alive --- Love is real. Pain is real. Suffering is real. Compassion is real. It doesn't matter that it doesn't matter because it matters while it matters, even if it doesn't really matter 'in the end'. I try to reconcile these two polarities. Fluxus helps. Sartre helps